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BMW officially reveals their M3 Pickup Truck Concept

World Tuning Fans | Concept Cars | BMW officially reveals their M3 Pickup Truck Concept
BMW officially reveals their M3 Pickup Truck Concept

We can expect some pretty elaborate April Fools jokes from manufacturers today, but first prize has to go to BMW, who has actually gone to the expense of building this pick-up version of the M3.

The 414bhp truck is powered by the same 4.0-litre V8 as the coupe, and has been substantially modified at the rear – weighing in at around 50kg less than the M3 convertible.

BMW officially reveals M3 pick up 2

BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept

Consequently, we’d expect the M3 Ute to be as tail happy as a muddy puppy. Practical though – BMW says the load capacity has been upped to 450kg and the cargo area is covered in metal sheeting for those heavy loads.

It also gets a targa top to cover the load space (and improve aerodynamics) but this can be removed. The pick-up is also the only M3 model to come with a trailer hitch.

The interior should be familiar to anyone acquainted with the standard car, although BMW has added a special badge to commemorate the project on the dashboard.

With testing conducted at the Nurburgring (where BMW claims it has seen 186mph on the speedo) the pick-up is clearly destined for slightly more than just an April 1 jape.

Apparently, with road legal status already in the bag, BMW’s M division will now use the car as workshop transport. But expect to see journalists lining up for a spin in the not too distant future.

BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept:

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