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Kris “Boosted” Parkers Modified 1993 Honda Civic

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Kris “Boosted” Parkers Modified 1993 Honda Civic

Today we bring you this heavily modified and tuned 1993 Honda Civic

The civic is owned by Kris Parker, he purchased it way back in 1997 from a Ontario Honda dealership south of Rochester,NY with only 60k miles on the clock and one owner, so not a bad little find.

Kris Boosted Parkers 1993 Civic Hatch 9

Kris was working at a Pizzeria at the time and he discovered Super Street Magazine so he thought “what better way to indulge my car obsession than spending my tips on the car” so from then on the modification process started, first of all a co-worker gave him a 86 CRX SI With bullet hole rims, he decided straight away to get rid of the steelies and to put the new rims on the civic, after that he purchased the classic first time mods, An air intake/induction kit and a new exhaust box. Soon after he got a buddy club fiberglass body kit and that was it for now.

Kris Boosted Parkers 1993 Civic Hatch 8

In 2001 Kris decided to go back to college and as he said “we all know college kids are poor…. so no more mods for the next 4 years”, so the car was stored at multiple family members houses with the same problem every time “kris you gotta get that car outta her”. In 2005 Kris Graduated and stated a new career soon after, He had money again to mod the civic so he scrapped the body kit and built the car for the track so he could enjoy it a lot more, Kris has been adding more parts to improve the performance, handling and braking around the track.

Kris plans to attend HPDE, Real Time Attack events, Honda Day and Import Alliance events. Mixing car shows and race fun.

Kris Boosted Parkers 1993 Civic Hatch 12

Kris now has sponsors from various companies such as Mishimoto, Spy Optics, he also has had support from Osiris Shoes and Go Pro Cameras, Kris also endorses Enkei Wheels, Skunk2, Golden Eagle and Password:JDM. He is still seeking tire sponsorship for 2012.

We will get to the installed parts and modifications now, first of all the civic has been tuned by Chris Harris at (Hillburn, NY)

Please now see a summary of all the specs, parts and mods below:

220whp- 440cc, Stock d15b engine, Turbonetics To4E 50trim .48ar stage II Turbine, Honda at s300 P08, 9lbs boost, snow water meth injection.

Kris Boosted Parkers 1993 Civic Hatch 13

Kris Boosted Parkers 1993 Civic Hatch 4


  • Golden Eagle intake manifold
  • Golden Eagle fuel rail
  • Skunk2 68mm throttle body
  • Skunk2 Magnetic Oil Plug
  • Skunk2 Magnetic Transmission Plug
  • Skunk2 Vtec solenoid cover
  • Prescion 440cc saturated injectors
  • Omni 3 bar map sensor
  • Synapse blow off
  • Synapse waste gate 40mm
  • Turbonetics To4E 50trim .48ar stage II Turbine
  • Snow Performace water Methanol injection
  • Custom Ramhorn Turbo Manifold
  • Custom exhaust 3” down pipe into 2.5″ Cat back
  • MagnaFlow muffler
  • MagnaFlow triple chrome tips
  • Aem high flow fuel filter
  • NGK 8.5mm wires
  • NGK 7’s
  • Russell braided gas lines
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • Hondata Intake Gasket
  • Hondata s300
  • ECU p08
  • D16z6 block
  • JE SRP Pistons 9:1
  • Eagle Rods
  • ARP Head Studs
  • Polished Crankshaft
  • Block Guard
  • Ralco Aluminum Pulley Kit
  • Moroso Oil Pan
  • D16z6 head
  • Supertech .5mm Oversized Stainless Steel Valves
  • Supertech Racing Valve Springs
  • Supertech Titanium Retainers
  • 5 Angle Valve Job
  • Bisimoto cam Gear
  • HASPORT motor Mounts
  • Mishimoto Honda Civic Performance Aluminum Radiator 1992-2000
  • Mishimoto Honda Civic Silicone Radiator Hose Kit 1992-2000
  • Mishimoto Universal Intercooler Z-Line, Black
  • Mishimoto Honda Civic Racing Thermostat, 1992-2000
  • Mishimoto Carbon Fiber 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap, Small
  • Mishimoto Honda Civic Performance Aluminum Fan Shroud Kit, 1992-2000
  • Peterson Catch Can
  • Yonkana stage 3 – 6 puck clutch
  • Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
  • ARP Flywheel studs
  • Password:JDM relocated Odyssey Battery
  • Password:JDM Carbon fiber cooling plate
  • Password:JDM hood dampers
  • Password:JDM Radiator Stay
  • Wire Tuck

Suspension Mods:

  • Skunk2 Pro-c Coilovers
  • Skunk2 rear lower control arm
  • Skunk2 front Camber kit
  • Skunk2 ball joints
  • Skunk2 rear camber kit
  • Skunk2 rear under tie bar
  • Energy suspension Spherical bearings
  • Password:JDM Front 3 point strut bar
  • Password:JDM Rear strut bar


  • Pioneer AVG-VDPI 7” Flip out
  • Sirus/Xm radio
  • iPod
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Polk Audio Momo Carbon C400.4
  • Polk Audio Momo 10”subs
  • Polk Audio Tweeters and 5 ¼ components DB5251
  • Custom removeable Box (track style)

Wheels and brakes:

  • 17” Enkei CDR9’s
  • Yokahama Prada Spec II
  • Oem Drive shafts
  • Wilwood big brake (custom factory Blue powder coat)
  • 4 piston calipers (front)

A big thanks goes to Kris Parker for submitting this great car to us, we will watch out for him at future shows and events!

Kris “Boosted” Parkers Modified 1993 Honda Civic Pictures:

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