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Zoo Magzine’s Model Madison Welch Pictures Gallery

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Zoo Magzine’s Model Madison Welch Pictures Gallery


Having a bad day at work? Has your mojo gone? Maybe your cat went to live with another family. Don’t despair; Madison Welch is here, and, as Zoo’s resident Agony Aunt, she can answer all your problems. Well, she’ll try to. She’s a busy girl.


Before being a model, Madison trained as a ballet dancer until she was eighteen, before deciding it wasn’t for her. We have to agree, in hindsight. Have you seen Black Swan? Freaky-as-hell. Who knows what might have happened if Madison pursued such a psycho career?And anyway, as great as she would have been in Swan Lake, we think she made the right choice going into modelling. At 18, Madison sent her shots to an agency and bam, she was picked up quicker than you can say ‘red lorry, yellow lorry’.

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Zoo Magzine's Model Madison Welch


Since then, the blonde beauty has appeared in Nuts, Loaded, Playboy, Fast Car magazine, Agent Provocateur, Australian People magazine and the Daily Star (to name just a few). Madison has also appeared in an episode of Top Gear.


In said episode, Madison teamed up with James May as his co-driver and they went on a bit of an adventure. It was quite funny, but we don’t’ think it’s on iPlayer anymore.


Madison has appeared on Russel Howard’s Good News, and also used to go out with the small one out of JLS, but that’s in the past now. As the boys say…’you only get one shot’. Wait, er, we don’t know any JLS lyrics. Vote for Maddy! That is all.

Zoo Magzine’s Model Madison Welch Pictures Gallery:

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