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Busty Babe Sammy Braddy Pictures Gallery

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Busty Babe Sammy Braddy Pictures Gallery


Sammy Braddy IS the sexiest lady in the world. This is an official statement; a fact. It’s part of the very fabric of our existence. Like how grass is green. Nobody argues it, rebuffs such a crazy statement. It’s plain obvious.


Anyway, some context: Sammy Braddy was voted sexiest lady in the world by Zoo, beating all sorts of famous faces (and some newcomers) to the coveted title. Sammy even beat Cheryl Cole, who has won FHM’s 100 Sexiest two years in a row.

Sammy Braddy 4

Busty Babe Sammy Braddy


That’s the ultimate compliment, isn’t it? Toppling the queen bee off the throne, because let’s face it, Chezza is pretty incredible.


But it’s not just about looks – Smmy Braddy also has a pretty odd passion, which is life drawing. She has been to a few classes and says she’s developed quite a passion for it.


“Drawing female bodies is a beautiful thing and it’s really interesting, but I also draw men. I’ve only once had a bad experience during a class. An old man was bending over in front of me and I got an eyeful. That was gross!”

Busty Babe Sammy Braddy Pictures Gallery:

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