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The Grave Digger Monster Truck Pictures & Videos

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The Grave Digger Monster Truck Pictures & Videos

Today we bring you some great pictures and videos of the Grave Digger Monster Truck, with its huge tires and cool paintwork this is one great monster truck.

Back in 1981 a man called Dennis Anderson, decided he wanted to enter an upcoming mud-bog contest in his home town. Using parts of old vehicles from scrap yards, he used a corroded chassis of a 1951 Ford pickup,& a Chevy engine, he built himself his own mud-bogger.

Grave Digger Monster Truck 3

The Grave Digger Monster Truck

When other competitors found out what he was doing, they laughed in his face, and told him that their new big expensive trucks would run him into the ground. Dennis responded by telling his opponents: “I’ll take this old junk, & dig your grave” he subsequently won the contest. The Grave Digger was born.

He continued mud-bogging on the mud-bogging circuit for a couple of years. As he became more serious, he changed parts on his truck to make sure his truck stayed in the winning circle. He changed the body style to what would be the standard body of all his later trucks, it was a 1951 Ford panel van.

He also put a Chevy big-block engine located in the back of the truck. Then one day at an event in 1984, the monster truck which was supposed to be appearing to crush some cars, failed to turn up. Dennis went to the promoters & offered to do the job. He crushed the cars & the crowd went wild. Dennis ” The Wild Man” Anderson had entered the world of monster trucks.

Dennis, with his new found sport decided to build another Grave Digger truck, this time with a stronger chassis, Grave Digger two was born. The Grave Digger truck became a feature attraction at the truck events. In 1985 Dennis made a appointment with Fred Bumann of Norfolk, Virginia, an artist/auto painter.

They discussed the paint job & Dennis told Fred that he didn’t like the idea of green flames on a black truck.. Fred told Dennis to leave him alone with the truck for at least 18 hours, & if he didn’t like the paint job he’d change it. When Dennis saw the trucks new look he immediately fell in love with it.

After competing in the M.T.R.A. racing circuit with his new paint job his truck became a real crowd favorite, by the end of 1988. Dennis realized that with his all steel body & heavy suspension, that his truck was handicapped. With many trucks changing to fiberglass bodies, because of the trend moving from car crushing towards the speed aspect of the sport, Dennis decided he needed a fiberglass body on his truck.

Working closely with a fiberglass company from Tennessee, they made a light-weight all fiberglass body patterned after a 1950 Chevrolet panel van. With the legendary paint job, the new breed of Grave Digger trucks where born.


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