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The Sexy Model Cherie Roberts Pictures Gallery

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The Sexy Model Cherie Roberts Pictures Gallery

Today we bring you some sexy pictures of the model Cherie Roberts, With he sexy curves she makes us all want to see more, so we have collected a variety of sexy pictures to show you all.

Cherie Robert was born to a father of Irish, British, and German descent and a mother of Vietnamese, French and Chinese descent.

Cherie Roberts 5

The Sexy Model Cherie Roberts Pictures Gallery

She was raised in San Jose, California with her younger sister and older brother. Cherie Roberts was an exotic dancer in San Francisco when she was discovered by a local company to model for a bikini calendar.

In 2000, Cherie Roberts has been a model for several Playboy Special Edition issues, and created her own website which she designed and maintained on her own. In 2001, Cherie Roberts moved to Hollywood after she was crowned Miss Hot Import Nights 2001.

Cherie Roberts 4

The Sexy Model Cherie Roberts Pictures Gallery

She toured with the company for several years, making dozens of appearances across the US. Cherie Roberts was featured in several import car scene DVDs and in the racing video game, Street Racing Syndicate. She was also one of the early adopters of social networking site, MySpace, where her page quickly became one of the most trafficked pages on the site, establishing Roberts as an early MySpace celebrity.

In 2005, Roberts created a second website for her photography, and began actively shooting photography for Suicide Girls. 

Cherie Roberts 2

The Sexy Model Cherie Roberts Pictures Gallery

Since then, she is best known for shooting glamour and nude photography for several companies, including gaming sites and and alternative culture community site, In 2007, she shot a calendar featuring nude models and vintage video game consoles for a company called Nerdcore. She followed up the 2007 Nerdcore calendar with the 2008 Nerdcore calendar featuring nude models shot as superheroes and villains which Maxim magazine dubbed “The Sexiest Calendar in 2008  in their February 2008 US issue.

In 2009 and 2010, Roberts continued her work with Nerdcore by putting out a sci-fi themed calendar in 2009, and a horror-themed calendar in 2010,  Roberts’ work is also regularly published in BPM magazine, in a monthly feature. In addition to her glamour and nude photography, Roberts has also shot various celebrities and bands.

Roberts continues to pursue her photography career, write articles,and still maintains her websites.

Cherie Roberts Gallery:

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