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Christine Marie LeMaster Sexy Model Pictures Gallery

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Christine Marie LeMaster Sexy Model Pictures Gallery

Today we bring you a very sexy pictures gallery of the sexy Christine Marie LeMaster, there is not much information about her around the web but take a look at the sexy pictures and video of the Model Christine Marie LeMaster.

christine marie lemaster 28

Sexy Model Christine Marie LeMaster

“Hello, My name is Christine Marie LeMaster and and I am a true Floridian…..originally born in Clearwater and now residing in Naples. Ever since I can remember I have always loved attention, big suprise huh? So naturally I grew up dreaming of being beautiful and wanting to be a model.

I am proof that dreams can come true if you believe in them hard and long enough. I have been modeling for a few years now, in addition to attending school & bar tending at Hooters! I’ve been lucky enough to get to travel to places I never dreamed of, like the playboy Mansion, Hawaii (twice) Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, and numerous other cities throughout the US and abroad.

christine marie lemaster 54

Sexy Christine Marie LeMaster Picture

I love traveling so it’s definitely a great perk to the job!!! I have also met some of the most amazing people in my travels….. which has been great b/c I am such a people person. Working with such nice people has helped me immensely in getting to where I am today….along with some hard work and dedication of course ;-)

When I am not working or working out, I like to spend time with my friends & family most of all. My mother and I are best friends!!! If you see her you’ll know where I got my looks from :-) Most of the time everybody asks if she’s my sister! I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters so we’re a real hometown Brady Bunch lol.

christine marie lemaster 40

Model Christine Marie LeMaster Pictures

Go to her website:  Christine Marie LeMaster Official 

Or follow her on Twitter: MissChristineM


Christine Marie LeMaster


Christine Marie LeMaster Sexy Model Pictures Gallery

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