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Master Blaster Monster Truck Game

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Master Blaster Monster Truck Game

Drive the hottest monster trucks on the planet in Master Blaster and blast your way over cars and houses. Start the game by selecting one of the two monstertrucks and enjoy the action in this fun tilty truck game. Like in most Monster Truck driving games, there is a timer and a goal that needs to be reached. The game is a balance of speed and equillibrium – going fast isn’t an option if you kjeep tumbling over.

The graphic effects are very nice and it’s a pleasure to go over cars and see them light up in fiery explosions. Master Blaster tries to bring together the best parts about Monster Truck racing games (or tilty truck games as they are also known) and give them all to you in a cool, free package. As long as your health bar in the bottom left corner doesn’t decrease to zero you can make it to the end of the level. This Monster Truck game allows you to recover the truck even if you get it upside-down – just press the appropriate left or right key to tilt the Master Blaster monstertruck in the appropriate direction. A similar game that you might also enjoy is Fire Truck 2.

You can also perform some pretty cool stunts – although they are not rewarded with points, so do them just for fun. And speaking of fun, Master Blaster is the kind of game you can play over and over and try to improve your score and level times constantly. Nothing can stop your awesome monster truck.

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Master Blaster Monster Truck Game:

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