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Glamour Model Gemma Hiles Pictures Gallery

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Glamour Model Gemma Hiles Pictures Gallery

She was content with what the good Lord has given her at first. But in the world of glamour modeling, the surgeon’s knife quickly plays God on those who want an edge.

That’s just what happened to Gemma Hiles. At first, she was okay with her small breasts but enhancement was inevitable. We’re not complaining though, Gemma looks good either way.

Glamour Model Gemma Hiles 15

Glamour Model Gemma Hiles Pictures

The sexiest non league supporting lady you’re ever likely to see

Playboy bunny and Page 3 girl Gemma Hiles used to boast of being squired around her native Lancashire by Daniel Alston, the luckiest member of Preston Wanderers (who are currently playing in the lowly Preston and District Football League Premier Division).

The handsome blonde now lives in foggy London town, where she enjoys attending nightclubs wearing next to nothing, and performing with two other pneumatic ladies in a troupe called the Diamondettes (I say “troupe” rather than “band”, as they don’t appear to indulge in any kind of musical activity).

Glamour Model Gemma Hiles 18

Glamour Model Gemma Hiles Pictures

Her MySpace relationship status suggests her relationship with Mr Alston has extinguished, but it is surely only a matter of time before Jermain Defoe works his magic…

In an interview for Maxim, Gemma extolled the virtues of a modest chest: “Big boobs are not always the sexiest!” she said. However, the picture above suggests the 21-year-old changed her mind, with the help of a cosmetic surgeon.

Glamour Model Gemma Hiles Pictures Gallery:

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