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Christine Mendoza Import Tuner Model Pictures

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Christine Mendoza Import Tuner Model Pictures

The reign of Import models continues with today’s Babe of the Day, Christine Mendoza. She was “discovered” at a car show. While attending with friends, and being “bored as hell”, she was approached by Import Tuner magazine. After gracing the cover, she went on to appear frequently at Hot Import Nights and in the Girls of 360 DVD.

When she first posed for a magazine cover her parents became enraged. Since then, they have supported her choice. She has since moved to Los Angeles for her modeling career.

Christine Mendoza 29

Import Tuner Model Christine Mendoza

The adorable and sexy Christine Mendoza has quickly set fire to the scene, as this sun seeking hottie is certainly in high demand. Her inviting smile, seductive stare and playful attitude have sent fans (us included) falling head over heels just to meet her. Christine is a wild and hot-blooded temptress who certainly knows what she wants and sure isn’t shy about it either.

Christine Mendoza was born in Bulacan in the Philippines and raised there until coming to the United States at an early age. Her family settled in Oxnard, then moved to Camarillo, California. This pretty Philippino also speaks Tagalog, which may sound like a language spoken by a member of the Enterprise crew, but it’s actually the language of her homeland. When it comes to video games, Christine excels at classics like Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. but she loves when “guys scream like little girls when they die” in the game. Makes us wonder if we’re being watched?

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