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Mandy Monroe The Stunning Canadian Model

World Tuning Fans | Car Girls & Model Pictures | Mandy Monroe The Stunning Canadian Model
Mandy Monroe The Stunning Canadian Model

Today at World Tuning Fans we bring you the stunning Canadian Model Mandy Monroe. Mandy is definitely a head turner with her sleek blonde hair, beautiful brown eyes and gorgeous curves. She loves to model in Playboy and Maxim styled photo shoots.

Featured Model Mandy Monroe 9

The Stunning Canadian Model Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe is only 23 years old and is of Russian/Chinese decent, Hailing from Toronto, Canada. She started her modelling career early in life, aged 16 she decided to apply to an online modelling agency to see if they thought she had what it takes to be a professional model.

Soon after her application she got a job to be a model for a bridal magazine that would be the start fo a huge career, at 17 Mandy also got an offer for a magazine spread in “Opinion Magazine”. After that she did various modelling jobs until she was 18 years old when she decided to have a break…She tells us “I met the wrong people and had a few life lessons to learn”.

Mandy was 21 when she decide to regain her modelling career again, She has worked her way back up since the break and is now a true model with passion and enthusiasm for her career, she has done many different types of modelling roles since then and one day hopes to be on the cover of Playboy Magazine, she says “I don’t think that will ever happen though because of all my tattoo’s, I am just too tattooed for them now”. But that will not stop Mandy she wants to be on magazines such as Maxim, FHM, LOADED, ZOO, NUTS and many more so we hope to see her reach her goals in the future.

Featured Model Mandy Monroe 15

Featured Model Mandy Monroe

As i mentioned before Mandy Monroe has many tattoo’s all over her curvy body, because of this she has been featured in various tattoo magazines and on many websites such as Urban Ink,, Skin & Ink Magazine, Glam Rock Magazine and many more, I am not a fan of tattoos on women but she sure looks sexy with her’s. 

Mandy has a Chinese symbol meaning “Dragon” on the back of her neck, four tribal zodiac signs inside her left forearm, a tribal style sun and some Russian writing inside her right forearm, a classic Marilyn Monroe quote which says “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe & leaves before she is left” that is inside her right upper arm, she has her Grandmothers Russian writing inside her left upper arm, some crazy barbed wire wrapped around her left thigh, a Pegasus on her right side rib cage, tiger (stripes) on her left shoulder blade, tribal cherries near her right hip bone and a star on her lower right side of her back. Mandy also has piercings in her Ears, tongue and navel.

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Featured Model Mandy Monroe

At the moment Mandy’s modelling priorities are to be featured in magazine’s, music video’s and also doing promotional work. But she is looking for any other paid modelling work so if you have anything for her, please contact her via Mandy Monroe’s Official Website and other pages listed below…

Official Website:

Facebook Fan Page:


Model Mayhem Page:

And to finish this feature a big big thank you goes to Mandy Monroe for giving us the pleasure of featuring her and becoming our newest featured model.

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