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Cam Shaft Haiopai Racing Modified Volkswagen Golf MK4’s


Ordinary things are done of course immediately at CAM SHAFT in Kempen on the Lower Rhine, however, unique things may take there a little longer! Meanwhile CAM SHAFT crew has been demonstrating for almost 10 years with countless examples its creative power in terms of foil design and in the past often initiated new trends in this field. CAM SHAFT ...

Brad’s SLAW Built VW Golf Mk4 GTI

Brad’s SLAW Built VW Golf Mk4 GTI (6)

Today we bring you a photo shoot from the guys at and CCW Wheels, this SLAW built VW Golf is one sweet ride that we had to show you.

Modified Volkswagen Wallpapers & Pictures

Modified Volkswagon Pictures And Wallpapers (16)

Here is our set of Modified Volkswagen Pictures and Wallpapers just for your viewing pleasure. All of the Modified Volkswagen images shown here have been taken at many spots from all around the world. Click on the thumbnails in the set of images below to view the full enlarged high res pictures, You can also save them to your computer ...

2012 Volkswagen E-Bugster Convetiable Concept


(from Volkswagen Press Release)  E-Bugster: Volkswagen lifts the lid on electric mobility Volkswagen is lifting the lid on the E-Bugster concept car at the Beijing Motor Show, which opens its doors to the press on Monday 23 April. The E-Bugster made its debut as a coupé at the Detroit Auto Show in January, but this time the electric concept’s hard-top ...

VW Beetle Based Beach Buggy Pictures

VW Beetle Based Beach Buggies View More modified C - 126423430787038

Here we have a collection of customized beach buggies, all of these vehicles are based and built upon a classic Volkswagen Beetle. Volkswagen Beetles can be converted so they are more suitable for use off-road, using the original Volkswagen Beetle floor pan (the equivalent of a chassis) but still to look like Volkswagen Beetles. The most common conversion is called ...

York Raceway 17th Annual Mini vs. Beetle Shootout

York Raceway 17th Annual Mini vs. Beetle Shootout (34)

Today we bring you the 17th annual Mini Vs Beetle shoot out along side the Ultimate RWYB Shootout, York Raceways Burnout competition and Drag Racers Test & Tune, with Minis from Layland to BMW ranging from standard to highly tuned and modified, Minis with Honda vetec engines, motorbike engines and even twin-engine Minis. While we see Beetle’s from both the  ...

Car Film Components Volkswagen Golf VI GTI


The German car wrap specialists at Car Film Components aka CFC, have taken this Volkswagen Golf VI GTI to whole new level with some interesting car tuning. First off, the small sport hatch was wrapped with a matte grey

Volkswagen Soon To Takeover Porsche


Porsche and VW have been vying for control of one another for years now but it seems the battle is finally coming to an end. AutoNews Europe reports the takeover may finally be over this year. Volksagen already owns 49.9% of Porsche automotive and intends to buy up the rest of the shares and create a holding company in charge ...

2012 Volkswagen E-Bugster Beetle Concept Car

2012 Volkswagen E-Bugster Beetle Concept Car

Today we show you the 2012 Volkswagen E-Bugster Beetle Concept Car, Volkswagen is showing that the sportiness of the standard Beetle can also be transferred to a Beetle with pure electric drive. The E-Bugster was specially designed for this mission: a two-seat Beetle speedster, 85 kW in power, 0 to 60 mph in 10.9 seconds, with zero emissions yet the ...

VW Camper Van 23 Window Classic Recreation

VW 23-Window Camper Samba (3)

Ask any pop culture fan what a hippie’s choice of wheels is and two out of three would probably answer the VW Microbus. Hippie or not, that van is cool, and Barrett-Jackson happens to have a copy for auction at their Scottsdale event. It’s the deluxe 23-window version, and will be sold as a duo with a 1971 Eriba Puck ...

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